What is a car scent?
Car scents are air fresheners designed to hang from the rearview mirror in your car. While many hang them in their cars, you will also find many other places to hang them such as closets, small bathrooms, offices, lockers etc. As long as it is hanging (not setting), car scents make a great air freshener for any small space!
How long does the scent last?
I guarantee a minimum of 30-60 days. I have many customers attest to it lasting much longer than that, but everyone’s noses work a little bit different. Remember, you get used to it a lot quicker than someone who is not around it all the time. Just because you can’t smell it anymore, doesn’t mean a new person can’t. My suggestion is, don’t always get the same scent every time. Again, you get used to it and even with a brand new one, it still won’t seem as strong as it really is.
Also, it is common for the scent to come and go meaning, you may smell it strong for a few days then not as strong for a few days. This is all part of your nose getting used to the scent.
What are they made of?
Car scents are made of plastic beads and fragrance oil. They are not gel or wax. Do not put in a wax melter.
Will it melt?
Car scents are made from aroma beads which are plastic. If the temperature gets hot enough PLASTIC WILL MELT, there is literally nothing I can do about that. My suggestions are to either get a windshield cover or remove it from the direct sunlight for the day. I will not replace a melted car scent, but if it has been less than 30 days and yours has melted, I will offer you a replacement at 20% off…. I must have a picture of the melted scent.
Can I re-scent it once the scent is gone?
No. Once the oil and beads have been baked into the final product, it is not possible to add more fragrance. Time for a new one!