Freshies with Friends

You've been to paint parties, cooking classes, maybe even floral arranging or wine tasting. Now, get your friends together and make your own car scent! I'll even let you bring wine 😉

How does it work?
Ideally, I would come to you. If you need to come to me, it will be hosted at The Studio in Altus for an additional $50.00.

Travel charges from Altus, OK
0-40 miles = no charge
41-100 miles = $0.50 per mile
100+ miles = $1.00 per mile

How much does it cost?
The cost is per car scent, and a minimum of 10 car scents is required to have a party. Per person, it is $20.00 for your first one and $10.00 for each additional one. Example: If Sally and Suzy each make one, they each pay $20.00. If Sally makes two, she would pay $30.00. 

Ages and number of participants:
13 and under: One adult per 2 kids is REQUIRED. Each adult needs to be prepared to sit with each child and help hands-on.
14-18: One adult per 5 kids

With part of the process taking a little while, it is recommended that no more than about 20 car scents be made per party. That number is open to exceptions depending on other logistics. Charity can go over some of that with you. 

What materials are required?
You, the host, just need to make sure the location has a gas or electric oven and table space for decorating. I will provide everything else.

What shapes and scents can we do?
Typically, I will just bring an assortment of shapes and scents. If there is something specific you are wanting, just ask, and I'll see if it is available.

How long will a party last?
There are 2 parts to making the car scent. The first part, getting them in the oven, takes about 15-30 minutes--that may or may not include time for explaining the instructions. They will then bake and need to cool, which take about 45 mins-1 hour. And then the decorating part will take another 30-45 minutes, approximately. The baking and cooling part is a great time to have filler such as serving food, cake and presents, etc.

Making car scents can be a ton of fun. That's why I offer parties. However, there is some moving parts and requires listening and following instructions. I reserve the right to dismiss anyone that is not paying attention or mishandling the materials.

That is the gist of it. If you have more questions or are interested in booking a party, click here to fill out a request form.