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All of your questions about pricing and ordering are answered below!

OPENING ORDERS: MOQ for Opening Orders is 25 car scents. You will also receive free shipping on your first order.

FILL-IN ORDERS: MOQ for Fill-in Orders is 20 car scents. Shipping starts at $10.00.

All orders will include a 2% Handling Fee.

BEGINNING JUNE 1, 2021, CUSTOM WHOLESALE ORDERS WILL BE AVAILABLE. Price changes will also become effective at this time.

CUSTOM ORDERS: If you choose to customize any part of your order, TAT can be increased anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Also, custom orders will be priced according to shape. The price of shapes will be $5-$7. To help decrease TAT time, it is requested (not required) that your order at least 3 per shape per scent.

RTS ORDERS: Any items that are RTS will continue to be priced at $5.00 each.

ORDERING: At any given point, you may be first in line or 10th in line....it all just depends on how busy I am at that time. I promise I work as quickly as possible. Your first order will be billed via invoice once it is ready to ship. Fill-in orders my be placed directly through the website.

OU/OSU: Due to my Crafter's License Contract , the OU and OSU logos are not eligible for Wholesale. I can do other shapes in their colors but not the actual logo. This also applies to any other Trademarked or Copyrighted logos such as designer or sports teams.

RETURNS/REFUNDS: All sales are final. If you need to cancel an order that has already shipped, you will be required to ship it back at your expense, and a refund minus a 20% Restocking Fee will be issued when I receive the package.
*Any custom orders that are specific to a school or organization (meaning, I couldn't sell them to anyone else), are non-refundable or non-exchangeable.

PRICING: MSRP for these car scents is $10-$12 each. You may run periodic sales or include them in special promotions or giveaways. You may not sell them for less than $5.00 each.

PACKAGING: All of my car scents will come in a bag that is designed to hold in the scent. The bag will be labeled with my logo and name of the scent on the front and a warning label on the back. You are welcome to add your own labeling, but please do not remove, cover or alter any existing packaging.
IF YOU ARE SEEN ALTERING THE PACKAGING IN ANYWAY, it can result in termination of your account.

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